With alarming increase in cases of COVID-19 infection rates, hospital admissions, ICU, death per day, what can we do to protect ourselves against omicron attack? What extra can we give our immune system to help us fight the virus?

Viral gene structure has been designed to attack the host DNA in order to make copies of their own and so to survive. Therefore, to protect our body from COVID-19 virus attack, first step is to physically shield ourselves, such as the use of masks.

For those who are more cautious, it is always a good idea to get antiviral spray, either via nose or mouth prior to arrive home from outside. For those who is identified as close contacts, you can apply antiviral sprays twice or more a day.

To upgrade our immunity, potent nutrients are Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, quercetin, glutathione, and/or pre and probiotics.

  • Vitamin C is recognized as an essential nutrient in both our innate and adaptive immune responses, thus commonly used to protect our body from common flu, colds and influenza, and very often being used by many against Covid-19. It is very safe and low cost with no adverse effects (except in severe acute pancreatitis). It has been shown in some studies that habitual Vitamin C supplementation may reduce cold severity and duration.


  • Vitamin D3 has very strong anti-inflammatory effects and has been shown to eliminate the risk of ICU admission and may completely eliminate the risk of death from Covid-19. It is a very affordable supplement as well. For those whose 25D level is between 30-60ng/ml, may not require additional supplementation unless being a close contact or affected.
    To keep in mind, cofactors/helpers of vitamin D absorption and utilization need to also be considered, including magnesium, vitamin C, calcium and vitamin K2.


  • Zinc is a very interesting mineral and nutrient. It plays a crucial role in the functions of essentially all immune cells. It is very “toxic” to viruses and bacteria. Inside our body, our white cells literally uses zinc to kill foreign attackers, such as covid-19 viruses.


  • Quercetin’s protective effects are as follows:
    It facilitates as zinc transporter into the cell, that is, zinc has to be piggybacked by quercetin to enter our cells to carry out its anti-viral functions.
    It blocks replication of covid-19 viruses, so the viruses can’t multiply.


  • Glutathione deficiencies have been shown to exacerbate Covid-19 illness. Low levels of glutathione commonly seen in elderly patients as it is affected by ageing process. Glutathione is our body’s key antioxidant in its properties of antivirus and anti-inflammation. Some studies showed high level of glutathione in the body can increase our responsiveness to viral attack. Its antioxidative properties can also stop viruses duplicate themselves in many stages of their life cycle.

For those who has sensitive gut functions, frequent consumption of pre and/or probiotic supplements could be beneficial as there are studies showed gut disturbances for some Covid-19 affected patients.

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